Who: Maybe later

What: Random postings of a Software Entrepreneur.  Everything from Birds to Business.

Where: Atlanta, GA

When: Best I can tell, most entrepreneurs work all day, every day.

Why: Everyone has his/her own ‘why’.

Alright, why ‘brisk inc.’? Because I like that it is evocative of action, production, moving forward.  One of the things that drove me the craziest as an employee (especially of very large companies) was the snail’s pace with which most decisions (even the good ones!) were made and executed.

Influences?: Many, many of them both positive and negative.  Here are a few (these are the positive ones)…

  • Andy Swan. If you want to be an entrepreneur, this is a must read.  Andy and I are after different things in our businesses, but if you can’t learn from him, you’ve got trouble.
  • The Fly. Not strictly related to entrepreneurial endeavors, but the fly is very entertaining, his market/financial acumen is the best around, and he works like a maniac.  Only someone with a fire in his belly to achieve and build something great would work as hard as he does when he could just manage money and leave us ‘pikers’ to our ruin.
  • Eric Ries. Lean Startup content is worth it even if you do not agree with the principles.
  • Fred Wilson. MBA Mondays and a helluva lot of smart people in the comments section make this a great resource.

Tools/Technology you like?: